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  1. I had one of those before, well the government owned it but I fired it! Sometimes the Army was fun!
  2. I like almost all his work. You could actually see it evolve over time from younger readers to mature adult readers. Some of his ideas were good but others I fine to be a little far out for me. I have read all or almost all of his stuff.
  3. No matter what the job be the best ever!
  4. I give up, there is no saving the human race, it is done for.
  5. They at one time long ago tried a open box with soldiers in it. A way to get non-airborne soldiers on the ground fast. It did not work well!
  6. Fast charging usually causes the battery to heat up and can degrade the battery in some cases and with some batteries.
  7. When you are that fat how do you even get on the thing?
  8. They are tired and decided to nap!
  9. DWARREN123


    Don't have unprotected sex! Seems simple enough.
  10. Too much for me!
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