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  1. Back when I was much younger and doing other things a cup of coffee and a cigarette kept me from getting a murder charge quite often. God, I miss those days!
  2. Tell her she does a good job! Just joking.
  3. We have used the soap box and the ballot box. What was the next step?
  4. To all my Brothers and Sisters who served "May GOD Bless and Keep you well"
  5. To all my brothers and sisters who have served. GOD Bless and Keep you SAFE.
  6. That terrain will kick your butt with a ruck sack on!
  7. Takes some real strength!
  8. Almost have to disassemble some cars to change batteries or lamps.
  9. I was going to ask what caliber vehicle you used but I see it was a pickup.
  10. Shotgun choke grease, seems to last quite a while.
  11. Must not expect the motor to last long!
  12. Damn, that made me feel good for some reason.
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