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Short staffed savagery


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I'm a member of a FB page for my hometown and people are constantly bitching on there about the local fastfood drive-thru services. I wonder if some folks ever cook at home. I make a real effort to be as pleasant as possible with fast food employees because 1) they have a tough and stressful job and 2) they're preparing your food.

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16 minutes ago, Mrs.Cicero said:

All the fast food joints, and the grocery stores, and the meat markets near me are hiring.  The Farm&Home is hiring, too. Everywhere I look there's a "Help Wanted" sign.  Too bad I can't look for a job til June 2022.

Same here in the 'Burgh. My favorite hotdog shop is closing at 2pm due to lack of employees.tom.

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Employees are also leaving because it's hell wearing a mask all day trying to talk to other people wearing a mask in a hot kitchen to boot.

Local coffee shop I know all the staff, one gal had worked there seven years. But she was getting married, hated wearing a mask, and had a part time job lined up doing book keeping from her home. She told me the mask was the last straw because it made her face break out. 

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i wear a mask all day and talk to dozens of people daily, it sucks.

the mask mandates and stimulus have closed more Businesses around here then anything else, and .Gov has no notion that they will never be back.

or care if they do.

the Sonic Drive in closed by me and it wasn't Social distancing or Masks that did it.

it was paying the people there more not to work that did it, that place was packed every Morning Noon and Night.

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