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Fourth of July Salute - 2021 A proposal


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Whereas the 2nd Amendment is under assault,
Uncle Joe threatens to cancel the 4th Of July,
and I've been thinking about this for some time,
I propose The Fourth Of July Salute, 2021!

I recently finish a book my Dad gave me many years ago titled
My Three Years with Eisenhower, written by his Naval Aide, Harry Butcher, Captain, USN.

An excerpt:

On the Fourth Of July, 1944, at high noon, General Bradley "pulled the lanyard on a 155, signaling the "Fourth of July Salute of every American gun against the Germans".

How awesome that must have been!  Let's do it again this year!!

On the 4th Of July, at high noon local time, every damn gun owner in this country should step outside and fire a round (Safely).  Maybe two. Maybe do a mag dump!

Who's with me?  If so, help spread this like a wildfire. Let them hear us!

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This is Florida law (statute is 790.15):

Your land needs to be at least 1 acre with one home on it. When it comes to gated communities, you cannot shoot in your backyard, unless:

- your land is at least 1.25 acres
- have one home (or more)
- and your surrounding neighbors have one acre or more

That being said, we do have a loophole:

If under the circumstances the shooting does not pose a reasonable foreseeable risk to life, safety or property then the law does not apply. A massive backdrop is the minimum. This interpretation depends on the location. Where I live, you can hear gun fire basically every day and no cops get called, and they don't come asking questions, ever.

Try that in left wing shithole county Broward and some fagit from up North will call the police, and they will come flying.



Buy this book if you live in Fl:


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5 hours ago, kerbie18 said:

Unfortunately, shooting off your guns for a holiday has already become an ongoing tradition, including July 4th. My home town sounds like downtown Baghdad every new years night...

Ours too. Along with July 4th, San Jacinto day, Alamo Day, Texas Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and I'm sure I missed a few.

I realize Readin R Hard, but the man did say safely and in prudence, shooting in the air isn't a good idea. Into a proper backstop. into the ground beside you, or a host of other SAFE ways to do so, OK, I'll bite.

Not sure about a mag dump, that is ammo that is hard to come by these days. Not my cup of tea, but have fun with it.

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