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  1. Buy intelligently. People around here are not. I won't say they will never see their money out of it, but they are definitely in for the long haul. Sellers were loving it, and now are getting butt hurt because things aren't moving, and certainly aren't moving for double and triple the appraised value. A lot of investors are squirming right now. Big investments, a huge remodel, and rising interest don't mix a lot for resale. A lot of rentals hitting the market, and most are way out of the normal range for rental costs. Don't think it will be 2010 again, but the stupid is still going to hurt.
  2. Not only "said nothing", but vilified it. I didn't know this dub was still on the payroll till all this, thought he was serving time for his AIDS AZT fiasco. He has a dubious track record.
  3. Yea, my sister got hit because of a variable rate mortgage a bunch of years ago. We and others, told the to get their house financed with a fixed rate, but they insisted they would go down. They came close to losing the house, but managed to hang on. Variable rate mortgages are easier to get into, usually and that is why many do it, but seem to be very predatory. They listened after they finally got that one overcome. When they moved, they were offered some insane low rate to buy, but were smart and got in to a conventional set up. They would have been totally screwed if they would have gone for the variable again, and long before now. Live and Learn.
  4. Yea, we looked at refinancing when rates hit bottom. Where we were at the point of the amortization, the refinancing fees, the amount we financed to begin with, and all the other things that go in to it, we would have saved about $25 per month, but put 5 years back on the loan. Just wasn't worth it. Any more the mortgage isn't the problem, it is the monthly escrow for taxes and insurance. That effectively doubles the payment. Insurance is the major culprit. They have gone full retard on rates of late. Side Note: How big does a mortgage have to be to increase it over $300 per month with only 3% interest increase.? Can someone put numbers up? I'll play around and figure it out, just being lazy. OK, here are the numbers. $300K financed, from 3.5% to 5.8% is $323 and maybe some change. I'm a bit surprised it was sonly $300K, but that will buy you a WHOLE lot of house here, for now. The move in just six week is pretty concerning.
  5. No argument it is bad, and will get worse, but still under the rates in 1971 and 1991 and 2000, or there abouts. We got very spoiled over the past few 20?, years, but everyone with any concept knew it would moderate eventually. I'm figuring the current establishment will rival the Carter era with all the damage they have done over less than two years, but we'll see.
  6. LOL,LOL,LOL,,,,wait. I had a couple of Mini's in the past, and loved them. Drive a Subaru at the moment.
  7. Would still ruin your day. Perhaps worse than a field point. Good thing is the big feathers really slow arrows down. Cool trick.
  8. Scooter Trash should have been more tolerant and observant, but that blinky thing is for real. That one wasn't used, or was covered, since the brake light isn't working either. It would have been a spectacular crash. Doesn't much matter what you tangle with on a bike, you lose.
  9. Well, hard to say. Not that I wish it on anyone, and think if you want it get it, but that "nurse" stands a very good chance of being a hard liner on browbeating, shaming, and the other disgusting things people say to those who aren't vaccinated (along with every other HC professional including doctors), especially up to a few months ago. For that matter, some still do. Health care workers aren't all that and a bag of chips as a group. There are certainly some that are in it for the right reasons and take your health much more serious than a few dollars for some hospital system or pharmaceutical company. It is amazing the pressure the hospital systems are putting on some. Da Boy took the first jab and suffered the Bell's Palsy, malaise, joint and connective tissue problems, and is still having problems and some corrective surgeries. Not a single symptom was reported because none of it "qualified". Be leery of the injury reports. As bad as they are, they are still altered. The Air Force still wants him to take the second shot and the two boosters. So far the Doc has cleared him from doing so, but who know what the next Air Force doc will say. The only good part is, he can walk on this enlistment since he will be over 20 years.
  10. Very few understand how large a wolf is. Most don't understand how small a coyote is, even with the variance in size, and as many that probably have seen them. I've seen them in the day, but it is rare, even with the population in the area. They are definitely on a mission if they are out during the day.
  11. At a distance in fading light is a very unethical shot. End of story. Otherwise you seem to have missed the irony, and might should read the article. Fist, she bothered to buy a tag. What stipulations go with that?? A PUP? Really? Then she posts up trophy pics and skins it out. You think she got a good look at it then? Recon exactly when the mistake was noticed, and it wasn't before posting a running time line and trophy pics. Then the story goes to self defense. Nothing seems to have been mentioned of that in the initial euphoria. OK, a dog might come at you, doubtful it wanted more than affection, but OK, A wolf would turn inside out to get away in all but very rare cases, and a pup would do so in even more cases. No problem downing rouge animals, especially feral rouge animals, just the stupidity that went along with it.
  12. That has to be fake. Jim Cantore isn't in the pic.
  13. Was on a lease and there were a few animals walking around with safety orange paint. "MULE' and "Horse" . Land owner had had problems. Told him we knew the difference, but his circus, his rules. We took a day and helped him dress them up the next few years., Good guy.
  14. All from the morons that want to take your guns away.
  15. Several states have arranged for extra fees when registering the vehicles to make up for the gas tax. I've seen ranges of $100 to $250? per year. Another consideration, and I haven't had to deal with it, and doubt I will, is the SRS disabling. What is operating it? In gas cars, disconnecting the battery was called for to disable it and protect rescuers if they hadn't fired off, and that happened a lot. Yes they were working properly, but it takes impact in certain places to deploy. Did they think far enough in advance to create a positive disabling connection? Will it be reachable? Cutting the main for an EV may be a dicey venture. They aren't exactly a 12V system. An airbag can ruin the rest of your life if you are out of position when it goes. Since insurance was questioned, that may be another consideration.
  16. LOL, we would evac the offshore facilities with the most bluebird shies you ever saw. All the moisture was getting sucked into the storm. Repopulated during some pretty sketchy weather though. People in an office 300+ miles away were worried about their production numbers.
  17. Y'alll hang on to your golf carts in Florida. Looks like Ian is going to be a slow mover, and that is not a good thing when wind and rain can pile up over a long period. I know most don't take hurricanes serious, and probably because you've ridden so many out, kinda like us running outside to look at the tornado, and they weren't that bad, but this one could be different. I remember my first trip to Biloxi after Katrina. The coast was changed for ever, and buildings that had stood for no telling how long were gone, along with all the hurricane partiers in them. We were told that 2-3 of them had ZERO survivors.
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