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  1. Most any more will ensure the engine drives down and away from the passenger compartment, cut the fuel system, the electrical system, unlock the doors, some call for recue, probably most now, and give GPS coordinates. Cars look worse for wear after a crash now, but are so much safer than before. Crumple zones, inertia break away, and a passenger compartment that really does rival the safety cages in race cars. It is pretty amazing. I got to watch the evolution myself over a 38 year career. Got to see the evolution of a lot of things out there. Some better, some not so much. New car tech is amazing, some for the better some, not so much, I don't think. They supply all sorts of gizmos and toys that distract. I do like the hands free and the radio will read a text for the touch of the screen. It will even give you a list of canned responses to scroll through without taking your hands off the wheel. Maps are pretty intuitive, but my 20 year old Garmin is very good too. More expensive in the day, but the traffic and some other features on todays Auto Apps are pretty remarkable.
  2. Good luck finding them. They have been hens teeth for decades now. Last I heard, you had to special order to get them, and that was 15-20 years ago. My how time flys.
  3. Meh, depending on the offence, the car will put itself in limp mode for a check engine. Take care of your business for the inspection thing. People tend to "forget", but that may have been solved to an extent, with states requiring proof of inspection before registering. No telling how many running around with expired plates though. I won't even start on insurance, which is logged into a data base now anyway. The right people can shut you down in line of sight now. They don't, very often, but have the capability. Starlink (Subaru) and OnStar (Chevrolet), and Toyota Safety Connect, and I'm sure every other maker with such type program will do it, and even unlock your door if you leave the keys in the car, or find you the nearest 4 star+ Chinese resteraunt. It isn't new, but sounds like KIA isn't charging for the service. It is getting hard to hide from Big Brother.
  4. Ya just knew someone would do it.
  5. Would have been cool to watch, or even see the Blood Moon. Cloudy and ended up getting half an inch of rain over night. I'll take the rain. The shower was very unexpected and thunder woke me up around midnight. Unusual, since I normally sleep like the dead during rain.
  6. Looks like a MN plate. Maybe E85? Not sure about the yellow pump nozzle color, but some are different, and it looked real enough. Can't imagine anyone being that,,,,,,,well, you know, but I have seen some doozies over the years. It does kinda look like a water hose, but, usually hard to find water faucets close to a pump.
  7. LostinTexas


    Can't figure out how to embed this, but WOW. https://i.imgur.com/FyVQexB.mp4
  8. Yea, it was bad enough, but finding all the screwups makes things worse. That closet door was a shade over an inch off bubble in an 80 inch hole. Top was 30 1/4, bottom was just short of 29. We took out the frame in and got it to 30 1/4 at the top but the floor level was still 29 3/4, no matter what. figured a 28 inch cased door would be safe, figured wrong. Like i said, it looks shoddy but the casing is square and the door is functional. It is tight, so need to sand off a bit to get things operational after paint. Gotta see if my trim nailer still works. It hasn't been used in over a decade. Need to trim it out, and will leave the inside for a later time. Sanded over a 1/4 inch of mud off the walls and finished it right, textured, floated in the cuts the plumber had to make for the retrofit, and repaired a few holes the remodel crew made in the sheetrock. Had to play some inventive invention since a few pieces of trim were broken, cut, lost and no telling what. Trim that I can't match any more. Found a GFI plug that was supposed to be replaced after the other guys shorted it. Well, they put a new plug in, and it threw the breaker. Found that out after plugging in a tool to charge. They wired both polls to the same side of the plug. It won't reset, and not sure I want it to. It did it's job. I was curious why the breaker was tripped and not turned off, I guess I know. I'll get to that later, it is low on the list. Just glad they didn't burn the house, and probably a good thing they were putzing with a GFI. I hope they didn't screw up the plumbing with a capitol F, like they did most everything else, but know a great plumber, not good, but great. He'll get it right. My neighbor is an electrician, and if I run into problems he is a great kid. The fun we have. Living on Ibuprofen isn't all that and a sack of taters. I can only get a couple hours in at a time and I'm in pain and done for the day, but at least I can hit it a couple hours at a time and do it to not have to do it again. I'm slow as hell these days, but can still do presentable work.
  9. Looking it up, you get the 4 shot series that an exposure gets. They vaccinate you when you get bit. Day 0,3,7 and something. If exposed you either get one or two boosters, depending. I guess it is worth it, but doesn't seem all that and a bag of chips. I;ll take my chances.
  10. Well, this is fighting us tooth and nail. Folding door was out of square so bad, it wouldn't work. Cased door went in today and fought us all the way. It is as true as I can make it but will need to sand off some room for paint. It ain't going no where. Bud and I took the entire frame out out to try and fix it yesterday. We got a lot closer, but it still fell to a 28 inch cased door instead of the original 30 inch folder. That was the best we could do and it was still a struggle. It looks like crap since it was so far out, but that is what trim is for. LOL The door is square and functions freely, so there is a positive. A little more sanding on the door, paint, hardware and wait on the plumber and shower door guy. What a fiasco. LostWife is ready to get her house back, and getting grumbly. None aimed at me, but I'm the only one here. It will look purdy when finished, but we shouldn't have had to finish it. Live and learn. LostWife did ask me what I picked up on that I wasn't too eager with the contractor, since he was so highly recommended by a trusted friend, and I don't know, but was hesitant from the day we met him. Sadly, he was the most impressive of the half dozen that bothered to show up for a bid. I guess it'll be nice when finally finished.
  11. Welcome to the party. I didn't know there was a vax for herpes, or a human vax for rabies, but have had the ones for Hepatitis. Had to get two back them and a blood test before and after to see if it had taken. I think it covers A and C now days, didn't get that one. Still not too fond of being exposed. At least most folks will tell you up front, along with HIV/AIDS patients, that I hadn't seen one of in years before my untimely retirement. Funny how that is. Oh well.
  12. I'm not too convinced ~80% even got the initial. Maybe. Many could be like Da Boy. He got his first dose because the AF told him he had to, and spent the next 4 months trying to recover from it. Yea, he had to jump through extra hoops to avoid the second, because . mil, but reasonable people who suffered some of the mid range side effects probably said "kick Sand". Then there are the ones it killed., they say it is minimal, but that is what they say. Turns out to be the most deadly vaccine in history, and there have been some ringers over the years.
  13. Grew up calling the Doodlebugs. Seems there was a rhyme to say while stirring the trap with a stick. Later when we figured out they were doomsday to ants, we fed them to the Doodlebug. Ant Lions. Pretty formidable I would guess.
  14. NETFLIX AIN'T WOKE Woke? Nope. They went full potato years ago. Sounds like they are planning to double down on the Double Down. I never found any value in the service and dropped it 5-6 years ago. They seem to have gone off the reservation since.
  15. It is amazing the amount of production you can get with a tractor and a loader. Not sure the size of your homestead, but a brush hog or finish mower is more than a little handy. Congrats.
  16. But,,,,,,,,,,will it get warm. Sometimes forecasts can be a bit deceiving. I learned that the hard was too.
  17. After death rituals are for the living. Going to those lengths is pretty impressive of the kind of hold she had on her family. The living must have really been intimidated, or she was that special kind of special. She could have just been a mean soul, but there are evil people. Not the evil deeds we like to throw around, but true, down to the bone, you can feel it when they walk into the room evil. After being around one or two of the types, you can appreciate some things.
  18. Just. WOW. That woman must have been a special kind of special.
  19. Me either, but temptation was there along with the thought of how was I going to retrieve this thing when finished.
  20. Some of those battery powered impacts are stronger than the air tools I have, and they are pretty tough. The little impact driver that looks like a drill, sort of, and is 1/4 inch drive, I have no problems using a regular socket with. The rechargeable impact rachet, I might use a regular in a pinch, but it has some gas. Air, no way no how, along with the higher torque rechargeables.
  21. LOL, I was looking for multi pack. I would prefer impact since my hands revolt the way they do, I use my reachable impact any time I can.
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