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Driving I-24 I’ve seen ads for waxing, Brazilian Butt Lifts, We Grow Hair, Breast Augmentation - with price quote, complete body remodeling, and no doubt others which I no longer remember.

One ad for waxing seemed to target males, and for areas MUCH larger than the storefront above. 

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I was, somewhere, and the local paper had an article about a new nail salon in town.  People were having the vapors over it.  "My children pass it on the school bus every day!"

The owner said business was great and the customers liked the name,  Hand Jobs.

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Just now, Historian said:

Just pull hard and fast.   After she's done screaming she'll never come back.

? There may be more than one way to interpret that.  Either way, she's not coming back.  But, one interpretation may send the hard and fast puller to the joint. ?

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Today we got home after I had the oldest daughter and my wife in the nail salon to have "mani/pedi's (sp?) done on each.

Since it was 30 miles from my home, I sat in the salon with them and "talked with my wife and the manicurist".  some of the people were rightfully nervous.

My wife and I tend to make lightly veiled quips about each other, and laugh about it.  The manicurist started joining in on the conversation and we had a good time.  

Then I asked my daughter and my wife if they wanted to go to lunch afterwards and they agreed.

The manicurist piped up that she was hungry too, and so I asked her to come to lunch with us.

Obviously, my family knows me well and didn't say a word.  They knew I was serious!

The manicurist got a little antsy when she got done with my family, and when I told her to get her coat and come along, she suddenly got a little more nervous.  

My family told her I was serious, and I would bring her back to work afterwards, but she thought she would call my bluff by saying, "have it sent to the salon for me.".

I told her to call in the order and I would bring it back with me.............  She backed out of the whole deal.  My wife and daughter laughed at the whole episode knowing I don't bluff!

Anyway, my wife and daughter have pretty nails and toes, the manicurist thinks I some kind of weirdo (I'm not sure what kind)  and we will go back again, I hope.

I have fun, unfortunately, at times it's at someone else's expense, but I never bluff!


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5 minutes ago, Al Czervik said:

You should run a poll.  Without the gewgle, who really knows what a merkin is/history behind it.....other than it is an effective permit fly. ?

I know, I know.  I saw a movie where it was the center of attraction.

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