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  1. I've done a few dives from the high board before. It always amazed me how high it looked when you were up there, like you were 100 feet in the air. Yikes.
  2. Lots of immortal Mary's out there.
  3. It attacks the brain. Joe will be fine.
  4. One of the best series ever made, I was an addict. Ironically, I thought the original movie sucked, and had no hopes for the series at all. Great characters, and great writing. All the bands at The Bronze are real, this is one of my favorites.
  5. Great thread. I won't remember movie names very well but I know the actors sometimes. It's like a love hate thing. I'm in.
  6. Girls and coconuts go together like chocolate and peanut butter.
  7. Not if it has Blue Cheese in it.
  8. Bulk food stores are a great place to find many rare older candies. Here is a good online resource also: Old time candy
  9. Peng


    Not a huge band but had a killer guitar tone.
  10. I dimly remember something about Tuxedo something or the other.
  11. I would settle for the US being Pam Ewing waking up in November.
  12. The really cool thing here is, this has all been on low volume. Not a single day of heavy volume selling so far in 2022. It has not really started yet, because heavy volume is what ends the trend. Hang on to your butts folks.
  13. You solved a mystery for me tonight. I liked her syrup but could not find it last time I needed some. I saw this strange name called Pearl something that sorta looked like it but haven't thought about it anymore until now. Damn morons killed her off.
  14. Talking about young girls like that... Well, they're not Catholic anyhow I'm not a religious type. Organized religion is responsible for more misery and bloodshed in this world than most things.
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