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  1. But their diet is plant based. That makes the people that eat them sort of secondhand vegetarians, see?
  2. This is the reason I don’t get tested. “Researchers at 23andMe, a genomics and biotechnology company, did the study as part of a larger COVID-19 project, which includes people in the United States and the United Kingdom. They analyzed data from nearly 70,000 people who took online surveys after receiving a positive coronavirus test. Among those, 68% reported a loss of smell or taste as a symptom.”
  3. If anything less than N-95 was ever effective, why aren’t they keeping the N-95 for key personnel? Why aren’t they sending those shitty earloop “surgical” masks? So those ******* lied to us all along! **** those ******* fucks!
  4. I really hope this wasn’t staged with a dead cat. 🥺😳
  5. There were clearer pictures out there that have since been stalinized.
  6. No matter how rich you are, you can’t bribe science.
  7. Now, did you get pictures of him in the uniform? Or dressed as “baby jane”? The search engines show all kinds of publicity pictures, all as “flattering” as that freak gets. But nothing ridiculous like him dressed up like “baby jane”.
  8. I watched some of his work online. Absolutely fascinating and was remarkable.
  9. I tried looking for that ridiculous levine dude that they made a full ******* admiral dressed up like a little girl. I came up goose egg on modzilla and google. That I expected, but I only found one on DDG, one, just 1! The internet should be strewn with that freakishly ridiculous picture and all others that exists of that freakazoid with his freak flag flying. The tech giants have quashed them.
  10. Pravda on the Potomac called out a fellow communist?
  11. No, not wrong at all, I mean your thought process. The fumbling bumbling idiots, totally idiots.
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