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Bloke with a knife surrounded by cops gets mowed down by a Subaru


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1 hour ago, RenoF250 said:

What country is that?  New Zealand?

Seems like a lot of work that could have been solved with a little wood shampoo.  What happened to the old baton?

Mines hanging off my desk.   But just about everyone uses expandable metal batons these days.

This guy obviously needed help. Glad he wasn't killed.

He was askin for it.

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6 hours ago, Wyzz Kydd said:

Dude looked drunk or high to me.  Nice restraint not to shoot him.  Yeah a little extra loving after he went down, but at least he didn't get shot.

Can you imagine being an officer in a situation like that, especially in a one on one situation.  You look at the guy, the lights are on, but nobody is home.  He's not even in his right mind enough to know that what is about to happen to him is intended to hurt, and he is so far out of it, it may not hurt him.  There is no way to communicate with him, or to even know what his next move will be.  It has to be surreal.

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