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  1. I’ve long been a fan of the English Premier League (Liverpool and Manchester City) but don’t care about the WC at all...
  2. Rust Cohle- True Detective Season 1- no question.
  3. The Pizza Hut jukebox of musicians...
  4. Absolutely classic. I loved reading C&H
  5. Valmet

    He’s back

    100% this ^^^^^^^
  6. A unique entertainer indeed...
  7. Seems a classically British move to throw eggs at the King...
  8. Honestly when I saw this thread my initial thought was, “oh no, Eastwood is gone...”
  9. Virginia didn’t get the red wave we hoped for but we did flip a district from blue to red
  10. Looks like, we’re in for nasty weather...
  11. Glad they finally nabbed this SOB
  12. I never found him to be nearly as funny as Letterman (yes, I know DL is a lib)...
  13. Nice write-up. Interested to get this and one of the Girsan Mfg’d Hi-Power clones in my hands as I’ve heard good things about both.
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