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  1. And from your pics they appear to be well-supplied!
  2. Didn’t they do the same thing a few years ago?
  3. Mine was a then-new Gen3 Glock 23. This would’ve been in the fall of 1999. Put a lot of ammo thru that pistol and traded it off before picking up another 23 (Gen2) that my father now has.
  4. Boy the Dems just keep pouring gas onto the fire that’s going to burn them alive in November...
  5. To me, absolutely they are. Bottom line- I’m not a fan of either as I find them both very hypocritical with a desire for control. Not a fan of that from either political party or belief system.
  6. Thought this thread might be about Hiram Maxim...
  7. The Christian Right is just as bad as the liberal left IMO- always right while everyone with a different opinion/belief/lifestyle is always wrong. YMMV...
  8. Easily the worst administration this country has ever had. He basically told Jimmy Carter to “hold my beer...”
  9. Charlie Askins Jr swore by his customized Rem Model 11 12 Ga when he was working the border in the late-20s, early-30s.
  10. I’d expect nothing less coming from the Washington Post...
  11. Hard pass for me, thanks. That hurts to look at
  12. Shootout in Hazard County!!
  13. I believe so, unfortunately.
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