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  1. Monkeypox outbreaks, sheesh...in this post-Covid era, every ailment is going to get headlines no matter how rare or odd or innocuous.
  2. Yeah this is over my head- I was born in 1981 BTW.
  3. Hold my beer Einstein, Saulk and DaVinci- I gotta commit these to memory.
  4. Eh, not drawn to bridges per se unless I have a legit reason to cross them. Certainly wouldn’t travel to that one simply because it has a glass bottom. Folks are strange...
  5. While I can’t say I’d call it “dramatic,” I took this pic a week ago one evening while hunting in South Africa. Beautiful sky and setting-
  6. That’s good to hear- Flying out of Richmond Friday.
  7. While his humor isn’t for everybody, I’ve always enjoyed Rowan Atkinson.
  8. Not a big horse-racing fan but I understand it’s kind-of like the Masters Tournament of the horse world.
  9. I’ve long been a fan of Boddington’s Pub Ale (Manchester UK). While it’s always been one that I’ve had to actively search out, for the last year it’s seemingly unobtanium here in Virginia. Anyone else here a fan?
  10. I saw that earlier this AM. Pretty amazing and almost unheard of, unfortunately.
  11. Sounds pretty damn expensive...
  12. Take it from me, Fairfax and Loudon need to be part of Maryland...seriously. Truly a blight on the Commonwealth.
  13. I honestly don’t see how anyone can’t support a bill like that? But someone with a name like “Charlie McConkey” would
  14. Really been on a Pink Floyd kick here lately.
  15. I’m a shameless grape guy.
  16. Will Smith is an attention-mongering POS and so is his wife. He was all laughs until he noticed his upset wife. Then he lost control.
  17. Yes, good news for sure. We need him up there now more than ever...
  18. I was an NRA defender for a number of years with the firm belief that folks should belong to “all of them.” As time has gone by and the NRA has dug itself into a deeper hole thanks to Ol Wayne, this is my last year as an NRA member. When it comes time to re-up I’m not going to do it, I’ll simply donate a bit more to the GOA, 2AF and VA Citizens Defense League.
  19. $500 sounds fair to me. Folks around here seem to want full retail for their “used” guns.
  20. While it sounds like he’s on the mend from whatever it was, I’ll feel better about it when he’s actually out of the hospital.
  21. Some friends and I have a deer camp in Southern VA- just over an hour outside of Richmond. While I still make the trip down, I don’t do it sporadically for just one night. This may change with hunting season.
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