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    • Everyone if someone abused it, it can probably be rehabilitated. 
    • The thing about cast iron cookware is it does well when treated right. If someone says something bad about your cooking you can beat them with it!
    • My job at my grandmothers was to “Mash” the tea. If you know that phrase, you know exactly where we are from. 
    • My dad had a Nicro like this. My job as a kid was to watch it as it almost boiled over and lift it off the heat. The vacuum in the pot would pull the coffee back into the pot. Then I had to hold it over the heat until it almost boiled over again. Do that twice and it was good for mom. Do it three or four times and it was good for dad. 
    • Below is my North American Arms Guardian, chambered in .32ACP. It is a near-identical copy of the Seacamp, but with a few genuine improvements. First, it has a frame-mounted mag release, instead of the Euro-style release on the heal of the gun. Two, it has a takedown button to remove the slide. With the Seacamp, you have to stick a paperclip or something through a hole in the side of the frame under the slide, to disassemble the pistol. Third, I've owned both pistols and I have found the Guardian to be less finnicky with ammo choice. I took a shot of the Guardian beside my Kel-Tec P3-AT. I usually wear the P3-AT inside the waistband of shorts or sweats, using the belt clip. I replaced three P3-ATs because of corrosion on the slides and barrels, until I bought a hard chromed model. Problem solved. The .32ACP Guardian kicks worse than the .380 Kel-Tec, by a fair margin. The Guardians and Seacamps are not pleasant pistols to shoot. The polymer frame and locked breech action of the Kel-Tec really tames the recoil though. It is a great pistol. I owned the Guardian before the Kel-Tecs hit the market. I haven't carried it since, but I've hung on to it.   I'm not sure if it is still the case, but at the time I began buying Kel-Tecs, the P-32 was the thinnest production locked breech auto pistol ever produced.
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    • MO Fugga

      What the **** man....
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    • LostinTexas  »  Swampfox762

      Had one of these for decades. Nice little easy fast unit.
      A year or two ago LostWife got this for me, and it is now my favorite little down and dirty sharpener.
      Worksharp EDC
      A lot of people will jump in and proclaim how horrible these are at ruining blades. Yes they can, and so can anything from a whetstone to a grinder. Not sure how they think a knife sharpening device actually works, but,,,,,,,,,
      Some people have no business ever touching a tool of any sort, but none have ever done much but sharpen kitchen knives and pocket knives. The proper angle is definitely needed, but one of these should fit almost any of them. Use light strokes, try to use them before the blade is dull, and use the ceramic as often as possible and try to touch things up with just that.
      We have some 20+ year old kitchen knives and these have been used on them since day one, and you would be hard pressed to figure out where any have been sharpened. LostWife was never handy in the kitchen, and bled on everything in the house for years after we began out relationship. She finally figured out what a cutting board was. LOL
      Happy shopping and Thanksgiving.
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    • railfancwb  »  Dric902

      Have been missing your comments in the Trains thread
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