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    • President Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to rally at the White House, inviting a potentially dangerous mix of protesters after people angry about the death of an unarmed black man in Minnesota police custody skirmished with the Secret Service on Friday. He threatened “the unlimited power” of the U.S. military to clamp down on demonstrations, tweeting from Air Force One as he traveled to Cape Canaveral, Florida, for the launch of a SpaceX spacecraft. The military is “ready, willing and able” to assist, Trump said earlier. Trump also seemed to revel in the potential for violence outside the White House, warning that Friday’s protesters would have been met by “the most vicious dogs” and “most ominous weapons” had they dared to breach the fence around the property. He depicted Secret Services agents as eager to battle the demonstrators, and later issued an appeal to his supporters to assemble: “Tonight, I understand, is MAGA NIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE???” https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/trump-suggests-maga-fans-gather-makes-military-threat/ar-BB14O8dh?li=BBnb7Kz I know, I know.... he cant use the military. Somebody is going to say he can (he can’t) somebody is going to say he should (still can’t) somebody will say he should be able to....but remember hat power you want to argue for with Trump, you will argue against with the next Democrook President      .
    • clintons and  parents   of kids he was molesting .  i saw an interesting non bias show while back on him .  his bad side he would literally kill you .  he had dirt on everyone /
    • Yeah. Where’d he get it all? 
    • atleast the front didnt fall off  
    • he had bank for sure .    
    • Free market says if NC doesn't want the RNC convention, move it to a state that does.  My Momma taught me many years ago not to go where people don't want you
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