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    • Not trying to defend them, just pointing out from a practical standpoint. Men have the traditional standpoint of being the head of the family, and having to support their wives and children.  A young male of working age, if not working, is a drain on the family's resources.  If the place that you live has few decent jobs, it makes sense that, if you are a healthy young man, to relocate to a place where there are more opportunities.  Going somewhere else to earn money to send home to either their parents or to a spouse or other family has better prospects than many of the low skill dead end jobs where they come from. Young women are more traditionally expected to stay at home and help out the family, whether it be their husband's family or their parents.  Taking care of children/younger siblings.  There are many jobs these days that aren't backbreaking hard labor, and women are just as talented as men at them, so it makes more sense for the women to stay at home while the men go off in search of better opportunity.   Another comparison would be that, once all of the jobs are taken care off, the excess population of young men have nothing to do, so it's sometimes more politically and economically beneficial to send them off to invade another country.  To do so as a formal war has dire consequences when there are superpowers in the world that like to interfere with local politics, like the U.N., Russia, and the U.S.A., so sending an unarmed invasion of so called "refugees", even with the cost of sending them, is more internationally acceptable than invading the country next door.  Besides that, the country next door is just as corrupt and poor as you are, so sending them somewhere with a lot of money, get them to work and send money back home, where it eventually winds up in the pockets of the bigwigs makes sense.    
    • And this differs from all cats for the last thousand years how!?   Hawk 
    • this is why the border isnt secure already. gotta get the base to turnout (the country is a hairs bredth away from collapse, and we will keep it that way so you vote for us to prevent it. Kind of like...not letting a crisis go to waste)   .
    • Distributed power, it runs in conjunction with the lead engine we use it sometimes, but mostly not needed Makes for a smooth run though .
    • They look like young men, and maybe most are. Some will be women dressed like men to try to avoid being raped. They think it will work, but probably not. Also some are ISIS fighter trying to infiltrate the US via the southern border. They need to be stopped. We can start with fire hoses and tear gas, but is that doesn't work, strong measures are needed. Maybe less than lethal rounds. Then maybe a literal fire wall. Or a quick series concertina fences, cut off the border completely or a temporary basis. Mexico will not like having the illegal immigrant rabble trapped in their country. Nor having their money train stopped.  
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