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How many of ya'll use a Pop Socket?  My buddy Friggin hates them.  Course he uses the calculator on his phone all day for work.  Like that old Sawyer Brown song..."Some girls like boys like me...ummm but... some girls don't"...It's like that.  I Love em.  When we have "Virtual Happy Hr"...it's pretty cool.  Great stand.  I like it for, poppin it out with my big damn hands, so I don't drop the damn phone.  Anyway....took this shot of my Daughter's eye...15? years ago?  Did some photoshop work on it with filters...Anyway...Made it into a Pop Socket back.   Just got it today.  Absolutely Love it.  



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I had no idea thats what those things were called. My wife used one on her last phone. I keep breaking the belt holsters for mine and end up sliding my phone into my shirt pocket so they're not for me. 

When she got her current phone, it didn't come with a cable to charge it so she had to break out the wireless charger from her old one that she couldn't use because of her prized "pop socket". I think that's the only reason she hasn't put one on this phone.

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