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Life Lessons Learned Late


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27 minutes ago, crockett said:


That's not the IP address of your wifi (router) but the IP address your internet service provider gave you, your external address.

All your hardware get its own internal IP from the router too.

Just splitting hairs :P

Cool!!!  Just too damn much for an old coot to keep up with!!  :goodpost:

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On 4/16/2021 at 10:04 AM, railfancwb said:

I’m sure most of us upon reflection can identify at least a few Life Lessons Learned Late.

One of mine... When brushing one’s teeth it’s not really about the teeth but the gums. 

I'm rather obsessive about brushing.  I watch TV while I do it.  My Dentist stopped sending me to the hygienist for cleaning my teeth after she made him come and help her check all my teeth and gums.  There was nothing to clean.

He said it's a waste of time.  I'm so obsessive I only brush once a day 'cause I think if I did more often I wouldn't have any enamel left.

Showering, I have thought of using a Brillo pad. the blood would be a mess to clean up though.

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