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Glitter bomb vs package thief


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It's truly frightening that in the first part of the video, he said that even though he had clear video of someone stealing his property, the police declined to pursue justice because it just wasn't worth the effort.

So apparently where he lives, theft is not worth pursuing.  How long before other crimes are not worth pursuing?  It's like the broken window theory on steroids.  

I love how he was able to get some revenge on the thieves, who, amazingly, were everything from hoodrats to middle-aged well-dressed adults.  Just absolutely depressing how quickly society is deteriorating.

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45 minutes ago, BamaBud said:

Guy should sell the package. With volume production, price could be reasonable.

Could make a killing!

Yeah, I'd buy one from him that's about a 2 foot cube. It would hold enough glitter for a 30 foot blast radius. The glitter needs to contain a few percent mix of OC powder, or the flu virus, I can't decide.

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