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  1. Yep, just you. I packed 5 units of books. Taped up a dozen more boxes. Got another insurance quote, and ordered a termite inspection. We're buying a beach house later this month, if all goes well.
  2. Unused Pelican 1120 and 1150 cases. Blue. 1150 $20 + shipping 1120 $15 + shipping
  3. I never even opened this. Buyer must ensure legality in their state. No sales to blue areas.
  4. I like it on an avocado and sprouts pita sandwich. I often have that for lunch, filling for about 325 calories.
  5. Oh crap. I've become addicted to a new Tabasco flavor: Raspberry Chipotle. Ordered 24 bottles of it to stash. I hate when things go out of production!
  6. Wife got first a week ago (pfizer). Made arm sore, slight nausea for 24 hours. She's getting second shot next Thursday. Reports from others, more side effects (longer nausea, general malaise). Recommended to take Advil prophylacticaly. Just registered for mine this morning. No appt yet.
  7. Bullshirt! Ted Turner owns more than 2.2 million acres. John Malone owns nearly that much.
  8. Nah, just Billions. Nothing to see here.
  9. Aw, hell. They'll just re-issue it next year sometime.
  10. Here's the best story we had this year with the USPS. We were expecting three checks for insurance payouts. BIG money! Got one in about 10 days, two never showed up in three weeks waiting. Sister-in-law got all three of her checks in about 4 days. Contacted insurance company, they were horrified, to say the least. Cancelled first two missing checks, reissued with UPS expedited (two day) delivery. UPS drops off checks the next day. The USPS brings missing (canceled) checks the next week! Anybody want two spare (canceled) checks? We're keeping them to show how screwed USPS delivery is.
  11. Nice setup! What case is that?
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