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SC Tiger

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31 minutes ago, willie-pete said:

There is a guy over there with a username “ willie_pete “.

I am “ willie-pete “.

Different guy I think.



I am trying to not let anyone know it is me. At GT I am "Biggsly" with a cat for my profile.

Over here I am "The Biggsly" with a different cat for my profile.

Pretty sneaky, I have to say.


Damn you guys are good.  I'd never have guessed you were the same people.

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2 hours ago, kerbie18 said:

Which raises a different question, how do we attract like-minded members to this site? How do we grow membership?

I'm sure we are all members of multiple firearms sites.  I have a membership at Cast Boolits, The Springfield Armory forum, The High Road, and GT.

I posted a couple of links to TBS on GT before I stopped posting, but not sure about other forums' rules.  I didn't care about GT since it was taken over by anti-gun Canadians and perverts, but I do like to respect the rules of legitimate firearms sites.

GT was successful because of the quality of the people and newness of internet forums.

As a potential Glock owner back in 1999, I stumbled across GT because I was looking for information and found it.  And that information was conveyed to me in a caring, patient, and non-snarky way.

I lived in a small town in the middle of Idaho back then and soon discovered that nearly every question I had about being a new homeowner, a new husband, father, and federal LEO was found and answered on GT.

Being a conservative Christian gun-owner, I found a lot of like-minded folks on GT, even if Eric wasn't, he respected other's beliefs.

Sure, there were some epic battles and insults, but the obnoxious alpha male know-it-alls didn't last long there.

That changed a few years ago.  Not sure who's fault it was, but nearly every new thread in GNG contained a reference to bi-sexuality.  Every thread was full of snarkiness and insults and personal attacks.  Seems everyone was just there to pick apart everyone's post and find fault and start an argument.

Not sure if it's just GT or the internet in general has become a reflection of the general downturn in society.  I know there are still some respectful and enjoyable internet forums out there.

Cast Boolits is mostly conservative old white guys from Idaho and I stumbled upon them a few years ago when learning to reload and cast bullets.  They are very polite, respectful and helpful.  Reminds me of the old days on GT.

But they are still pretty small and not a lot of traffic.  If people don't see traffic, then they won't come back.

I'll post something here and rarely will it get any responses.  I don't know what's worse; no responses, or snarky ones with personal attacks... :crylikeender:

Either way, the ONLY way TBS is going to grow and be a success is to keep a lid on the personal attacks, get rid of douchebags early, keep the perverts and progressives out, and keep current members engaged and supportive of the efforts of the admin.


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