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  1. Been a hot minute. Hope you're doing good, brother.
  2. "Now get in the pit and try to love someone!!"
  3. Congratulations, Crockett!!
  4. I've never put much thought into it...
  5. A real life American hero! RIP. ??
  6. Yep, I had it in my signature, but I guess not anymore. I was pretty damn saddened to see it gone...
  7. A slightly above average marksman...
  8. New admin. Joined about a month ago.
  9. And I normally wouldn't bring GT's trash over here, but dang. I'm just so blown away by that. I mean, it's one thing for them to ban Tadbart, but it's a damn nother to ax Clancy! ?
  10. Yep. Happened today. Even says "Banned" next to his username. It's literally unbelievable...
  11. All Clancy did was mention TBS. That's basically it. The admin then deleted the post and banned Clancy. That's a new low for the new GT...
  12. They definitely banned him. The Admin "CricketW" did it. Someone asked what the site was called that Eric started and clany posted the name of the site and also said he's been spending more time here at TBS and thinks, because of the (bad) new forums software, that he, and many others, would be spending more time on TBS. They deleted his post and banned him... Unreal.
  13. They just banned Clancy! He spoke out about not liking the new format and mentioned hanging out here more, and they ******* banned him...
  14. The new owners started a thread about a month ago letting everyone know that a complete forum software change would take place at the end of the month. This is it. I really hope they don't destroy GT even more than they already have...
  15. Sorry to hear this. I lost my mom in April, so I can relate. Prayers inbound.
  16. Yes, happy Veterans day to each and everyone of you. Thank you. ??
  17. Thinking of you both, Eric. Prayers inbound. Keep us posted.
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