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  1. Just as I scrolled to this one, my playlist landed on the music video. There's the Useless Coincidence of the Tuesday!
  2. Yeah really. It's about like if a cannibal is trying to stop eating people and he shapes ground beef into the shape of a human foot. Lol
  3. Trump won me over during his term. I don't trust anything he says but I know he would do the right thing for our country. He's a strange cat in that regard. Usually when someone is an obvious BS artist, he sucks at everything else too. The problem is he energizes the left like nobody can. A lot of those lazy aholes would just stay home otherwise. To make it worse, everybody in the middle thinks he's a punk or worse. The MSM was able to keep him in the news long enough this time to distract from inflation and all of the other consequences of terrible Dem leadership -- and it worked. If Trump runs in 2024 we'll get wiped out. I'm really hoping he retires from politics.
  4. The cookies notification thing is one of the stupidest things to come down the pike in some time. The "solution" to the internet privacy problem was the internet equivalent to terms and conditions statements for CCs, software, etc. Idiocy.
  5. Go Brave browser!! I can't believe this took so long!
  6. I was in a university geology class in 1992 and the professor told us earnestly that there would be zero oil in the world by 2010. Announced it in front of a class of about 200 students. I doubt I will ever trust an environmental claim again. Good job!
  7. They should've included: Engineer: the glass is 2x as large as it needs to be
  8. Prophesy from last January!
  9. I'm surprised they didn't use Breaking Bad for NM!
  10. Unless I, or my phone, recognizes the caller, I don't pick up. Legit callers will leave a voice mail. It is a sad state of affairs at this point.
  11. Check it out. The first nation to adopt Bitcoin as its national currency. https://www.wsj.com/articles/bitcoin-comes-to-el-salvador-first-country-to-adopt-crypto-as-national-currency-11631005200?st=168cyb1drbtuiir&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink
  12. Agreed completely. Not many dots to connect here. These leaders need to read Jocko Willink's books, especially Leadership Strategy and Tactics. I read his books as a 48 year old with 20-some years of experience. I wish I would've had that insight a couple of decades ago.
  13. I've read a few articles about cryptocurrency and I must not be smart enough to quickly understand how I would use it in my life. I'm very interested in privacy, so by default I am interested in the topic. Couple of random thoughts: It has been around a while and I don't see obvious signs that I could use cryptocurrencies at Walmart or Kroger, or to pay any of the invoices I receive, so that doesn't seem like a good sign. I saw an article a while back either at the National Review or WSJ (forgot which, and couldn't find it quickly) that argued that its main impact has been to help criminal activity. I don't know if that's true. I'm inclined to believe there's some truth to the statement because I noticed that one of the big recent ransom attacks was paid in a cryptocurrency. Regarding investing in crypto: I'm a very boring index fund kinda guy, so there's no way in hell I would invest in crypto. With the level of volatility, that sounds like a good way to lose a lot of money fast. It sounds like gambling at best. I was reading an article the other day about one of the crypto trading exchanges having a computer issue that stopped investors from selling when they really, really needed to, and some lost big five-digit numbers of dollar equivalents. With a regular stock trading situation, they could've gotten help in recovering the dough. In this case, there was nobody to call. They were utterly screwed and the money was just gone. Sounds like something a swashbuckler would find fun. Not me.
  14. Absolutely. All that extra muscle is bound to increase metabolism!
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