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Manson Guilty Nixon Declares


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24 minutes ago, minervadoe said:

It's just like when The KKK surrounded the courthouse, threatening to lynch the jurors if the verdict was not what was demanded by the mob.


Curious (or maybe not) you should mention this, as I recently ran across two newspaper articles about lynchings in Tennessee. In both situations the accused was moved by law enforcement to a jail in another jurisdiction. One case the angry mob burned the courthouse; the accused was tried in that other jurisdiction and found not guilty. Other case the mob learned where the accused was taken, stormed that jail, took and lynched that accused.

Oh, forgot to mention that both cases were prior to WWII. 

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3 hours ago, minervadoe said:

I have to assume that in the case of a Chauvin mistrial, a new location would be required. 


An appeal is not gonna happen and a mistrial is very unlikely as well.  It's a shame that trials like that have to be held in the state the crime occurred in because this trial NEVER should have been held ANYWHERE in MN.

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i`m betting a year or two from now Chauvin will be given a new trial because the Jury will have been Corrupted by the media or fear of being DOXed or more Likely by the Moron Politicians using this to game Social Justice points by the Mob.

and he will be found Not Guilty, in the meantime Police work will fall off dramatically in MN.

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