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So, how does dowsing work?


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I use a couple of heavy wire or light steel rods to do it.  Brass brazing rod works best for me.

I really don’t know how or why it works, or why it only works for some people and not others.  My Grandpa showed me how to do it when I was a kid.

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I  have seen it work detecting unmarked graves in a cemetery.   Seems to detect places where the soil has been disturbed verse not disturbed.  In a modern cemetery I watched a demonstration walking down a row of grave sites.   Where it was obvious nothing was buried nothing and where there was a grave marker the rods would cross, sometimes there would be more than one burial next to one another but only one stone. This was confirmed by looking up cemetery records.

At a later time in a old grave yard that had been abandon, a local group was trying to get it state historical site status.  Before being able to get money funded they wanted more proof.  The site was walked several time with rods by different people and locations of possible burials marked.  Later probing rod were used and there were old broken grave markers found buried in the soil in a few locations. 

With the grave markers unearthed and confirmed this was enough to get ground penetrating radar brought in and do proper survey.  The radar confirmed almost all the marked sites plus detected a few other graves near the edges of the site.   

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