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Clueless Alicia Silverstone

Al Czervik

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“When I don’t eat well, I don’t feel well, and then my moods go all over the place,” Silverstone told the New York Times.

so she gets Low Blood Sugar and Hangry, and i`m sure that is the only similarity between her and Normal People.



"As If"

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15 hours ago, janice6 said:

She may aspire to surpass Cher in the art of parenting and raising children.

Hahaha I remember when Chastity was not only a normal looking little girl but a pretty one at that, on the Sonny & Cher Show. I definitely don't blame Sonny he was a decent guy and pretty good congressman.

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1 hour ago, Peng said:

Actually do they still make videos?  Is Aerosmith still around or all dead?

Before the panicdemic,  they had just started a residency in Las Vegas.

The reviews were saying that they were nailing it,  and were blowing the audiences away.

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