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Not the place I wanted to spend Christmas


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1 hour ago, aomagrat said:

Max is home.


Nice Christmassy colors and a cone of shame to boot.  Labs are typically really good natured dogs, but I saw mine flip a jack Russel sized dog on its back one time and made sure the little bastard never nipped at his heels again with a stare that made my blood run cold.  He looked like he was using his paws to flip a bird around right before he latched onto it.  And then as he was in position to latch onto its throat, he just stared at it sort of like, "Dare me."

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MY Yorkie thought he ran everything and every dog was his to command.  My son's family and their dog were here long ago to visit.  My Yorkie was insufferably trying to manage my son's dog, in anything it tried to do.

I heard a shriek from the kitchen, and it sounded like my dog was being gutted from the cries.  Turns out he pushed the 60+ lb. Akita too damned far.  The Akita had him on his back on the floor with it's jaws around the Yorkie's chest.  Just holding him there.  He was being taught respect for others.

My dog had no puncture wounds or blood.  His fur around his body was wet with saliva, and he now had a lesson in manners!  They still get together frequently, but each dog doesn't "push" the other one on anything.

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