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  1. So you're now the posting police? Give it up. You just became my first ignore candidate. Got back to DU or GT or where ever your liberal attitude came from.
  2. No, it didn't.......what does that mean? We are not talking about the same thing. Keep up.
  3. Maybe it's just me but I don't see an image, just "img?static=0" on multiple posts. Tous can you unslide rule that for me? Thanks much!
  4. You can use more than one at a time. Put them all over. Dogs have pride. too.
  5. I'm surprised more dog owners haven't checked into this. It works for the puppies as well as when you cut it into squares.....Uh never mind. https://www.chewy.com/american-kennel-club-fresh-scented/dp/136077
  6. Isn't that how democrats and liberals breathe? He's holding his breath for some reason, I surmise.
  7. Dammit, I just touched my face again. Good bye, cruel world.
  8. Sneaky Ruskies. Admittedly that would be hard to shoot at....with a gun, anyway. YMMV
  9. Yeah but Madcow (the dude at CNN) said it wasn't coming. What's a guy to believe these days when someone we all trust and look up to tells us something else? I'm so disappointed. Send that dumb ship back to dry dock. It's not needed,...you know. ? CNN always tells "its" truths!
  10. Here come the reserves. Sending blessings for much strength and wisdom in this terrible time. May God send his love and power to make your mother comfortable. Prayers and best wishes coming your way!
  11. The first case of Corona before they knew what to call it?
  12. Anti-lock brakes done wrong.
  13. Confucious say: Scratch an itchy ass. Get stinking fingers.
  14. In the wide angle view, the boot owner is several feet forward, flat on his ass with a bootless foot sticking straight up in the air cussing like a drunken sailor.
  15. Been resisting for a while enjoying this cooking/cookie thread. To heck with you all, I'm heading to grab me a fresh cinnamon roll.
  16. Are the bleached ones safe? Asking for a friend.
  17. Yeah, I remember seeing them when I was a child. It was amazing to watch and one hell of good clean entertainment.
  18. True. Even in extreme conditions, bones are showing through but it doesn't hurt.
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