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Sounds like a crappy job


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From the article:

"...“We’re trying to be proactive,” Public Works director Mohammed Nuru told the paper. “We’re actually out there looking for it.”...."


So the city believes "being pro-active" means to find it and clean it up after it happens!


Being pro-active with a dog (for example) means that you teach it the proper place to crap, and that is not "in the house!".


The money spent to clean it up after the fact, would be better spent convincing the "free range poopers" that this is not the place to do this unsanitary act and put a stop to it, like the civilized cities do.


Pro-active:    : acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes

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10 minutes ago, Oneshotonepill said:

I stepped in bum ****, in downtown Austin, TX, taking out the trash, back when I was bartending.  I've never wanted to go on a killing spree more in my life.  

You just assumed it was a bum, it could have been Amber Heard.


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