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What do you think? Best sounding engines


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It is hard to find a sound more wonderful than that of a great engine.

For me it is a tie between the 917 flat 12 -- just listen to those downshifts and the roar at full song, and the Merlin aircraft engine.

Yes,  I have some affection for the American V-8 as well.  Just not as much.

Show me I'm wrong.  :biggrin:



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Twenty replies and no Ferraris.

By ignoring the Italian sewing machine, you galoots show exquisite taste in engine sounds.  :number1:

I would post a video with the sound of the mighty F/A-18E with two, mighty GE F414s roaring by, but I don't want to embarrass the lesser aircraft.



NB  The TF-30 was the first afterburning turbofan developed for military use.  :599c64b15e0f8_thumbsup:


Ah, heck.

I couldn't resist.

Here's the mighty F/A-18E doing some simple maneuvers.  Simple for the bestest aircraft ever.


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