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  1. The North American Marlon Brando Lookalike Association?
  2. This doesn't seem like a good way to become an old airman.
  3. The Bore Site fundraising effort ends tomorrow night, Saturday, 15 January, 2022. Each ten dollars of your donation gives you another chance to win one of the three great prizes outlined below. The donation system was not initially allowing guests and members who were not logged in to participate. I noticed this issue last week and corrected it. It is not necessary to be a TBS member, or to be logged in, to enter. Winners will be chosen and announced a week from this Saturday. If you are paying by check, you have until next Saturday for the payment to arrive and still be entered in the drawing.
  4. Eric


    My hearing was pretty selective when I was ten. Congrats, man. Glad they got you fixed up.
  5. So, Tubi or not Tubi? That is your question?
  6. Apparently, The self-heating, snow-melting feature on SpaceX’s Starlink satellite dishes has spawned an unforeseen problem. They are either going to have to turn off the heat, or turn it WAY up.
  7. He was only 65. Damn.
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