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  1. Probably so. The media doesn’t have the imagination to come up with a pseudonym like that. Anyway, the text blurb I posted above was copied from an article excerpt.
  2. D. B. Cooper is a media epithet for an unidentified man who hijacked Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305, a Boeing aircraft operated by Northwest Orient Airlines, in United States airspace on November 24, 1971. After parachuting from the plane with $200,000 in ransom money he disappeared into history never to be seen or heard from again. The FBI case is unsolved to this day. (1972 FBI composite drawing.)
  3. Eric

    WTF vehicles

    I betcha didn't know that Ford was making Escorts in 1961, but they were. The Brits have a long-standing love affair with the Escort.
  4. Eric

    Take My Gun

    Saddest foot chase ever.
  5. “Hey, let’s be careful out there.”
  6. Eric

    Fowl Ball

    What are the rules in a case like this? Do they just re-throw? Does the bird get the walk?
  7. Eric

    WTF vehicles

    This is a Lancia-Fiat, from the mid-fifties.
  8. I once saw a really large woman jump on her husband’s casket, as it sat on the straps of the casket lowering frame positioned over the grave. Her weight broke whatever brake mechanism the frame has to hold the casket before the lever is thrown and it starts lowering. So, she is wailing, half the mourners are screaming and she rides the coffin into the ground. The ride was pretty quick because the winding mechanism had a hell of a lot more weight on it than it was set for and the coffin went down much faster than it’s normal pace. It took half a dozen guys to get her out of the hole and there was absolutely no dignity to be had during the process. I’ve been to hundreds of funerals and I’ve seen some crazy ****. That day wasn’t even the craziest, but it was certainly in the top three.
  9. Who is your favorite TV cop/detective/PI? For me, it is Andy Sipowitz, played by Dennis Franz, on NYPD Blue. His was a deeply flawed character, always at war with himself and the world, but he tried to be better. NYPD Blue was originally intended to be a vehicle for David Caruso, but Franz outshined him from the start. Caruso threw a tantrum and left the show in the second season and it went on to run for 15 seasons, with Sipowitz front and center until the last episode. Franz and Jimmy Smits were perfectly matched as partners on the show and I was sorry to see Smits go. The series of episodes where he got sick and eventually died were some of the most powerful TV drama ever filmed though.
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