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  1. Days in the teens for a while now and got about 14" of snow this week. Now, 38 and raining. Roads are downright passable.
  2. Growing up I learned that extended periods from 0 to -25 does weird **** to cars and other things.
  3. Great article. I've been watching for how the One Child thing plays out for a long time. It's not going to be pretty over there.
  4. Water is so peaceful.
  5. I bought an SP101 3" many years ago. The action got really sticky at one point and I took it to a local gunsmith who's good. He put the lighter spring in it and polished up a bunch of burrs and such in the trigger mechanism. Boy did it come out good. Almost like a Smith. Love that little hunka iron.
  6. I love hiking around out in the badlands.
  7. Go out and do stuff. Life is easy when you get a gimme like I did a month back. The truck's only a mile and a half past the rock butte. An easy one in our normal situation, which is why I'm smiling. Plus my kid carried most of the meat in his pack. Last year Ajay got one down about as far back as we get. It was a grueling march out, a good 4 miles over the hills and dales. That was a Life is Hard day. The last mile we'd go a couple hundred yards and just sit in the snow looking at the truck way out there and rest. Got hard to get up on our feet again. Ten degrees out and sweating. But damn did the beer taste good.
  8. A busy bod is a happy bod. Being the restless type, I'm always doing something. Last night I had a band gig, which entails loading up, traveling to venue, setting up, playing our brains out for 3 hours, tearing down and packing up, driving home. It's a full work day. I must burn ten thousand calories. Body and mind working at the highest level which can be conjured. People ask me how I can do this at age 60, I just say "because I always have." I feel like Superman after playing a gig.
  9. I took this one. Not today though. And dunin'
  10. That makes my rear end pucker up
  11. Crockett, what were you riding there? You passed the other riders like they had a different class of bike.
  12. Been real warm up here, you might have good roads.
  13. You could buy them still-new a year later languishing at dealerships for great discounts.
  14. Friedman needs to do his homework. Yellowstone is filmed all in Montana now; the first two seasons were split between Montana and Utah.
  15. I left a lumber brokerage firm at age 50 and started my own with 3 other partners. Best thing I ever did.
  16. Kyle Rittenhouse will have opportunities up the yin yang when this is done. The prosecution should be jailed.
  17. I take the carts back, because I don't like chaos. I don't wear a mask and I'm not afraid of germs. I grew up a grubby farm kid and I never get sick.
  18. It'll be fun to watch the season 4 opener. They filmed it here in town in front of Ford's Store, and had piles of bricks all over the street to emulate the bomb aftermath.
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