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Spirit Airlines SUCKS


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Rant on...

I flew on Spirit Airlines for 4.5 hours on Friday. It's meant to be a cheap airline. I now understand why. The most cramped non reclining seats you can imagine, and I'm relatively small. NO padding, no entertainment screen. The larger stranger to my left was MISERABLE.  They won't even give you a free water. 

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The discount airlines all suck big.

I use Delta for work.  When things go smoothly,  which is usual, I think they're better than the others.

But when things go awry,  no one gives a damn about you or cares in the least, and they will be 100% unhelpful.


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7 minutes ago, railfancwb said:

Flying isn’t what it once was, and in fact hasn’t been for a long time. It now generally involves flying buses. 

There was a book about the aftermath of a nuclear war, called Swan Song, written by Robert McCammon. In it, the President is in Air Force One at 35,000 feet, looking out the window. There is a blanket of clouds and smoke full of flashes below, as the world tore self apart. Suddenly a still-smoking Greyhound Bus cam hurtling up out of the clouds, thrown up there by an exploding nuke, and struck Air Force One. When you picture yourself getting hit by a bus, it generally isn’t seven miles up.

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