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Favorite Charlton Heston Movie


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3 minutes ago, Batesmotel said:

So many great movies but I like his epics. 

Ten Commandments, El Cid, Ben Hur, Greatest Story Ever Told, Greatest Show on Earth. 

When I was six or seven, my family was watching The Ten Commandments. Someone in the movie mentioned the word virgin and I told my parents, "That's what I am!" I was born at the end of August, you see...

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17 minutes ago, Maser said:

Guess I choose Soylent Green because that's the only movie that comes to mind other than Ben-Hur and Ben-Hur was a shitty movie we had to watch in history class. 

******* millennials. :supergrin: Check out The Omega Man. It was based on the novel I Am Legend, the same as the much later Will Smith movie. Also, he was in a bunch of disaster movies, like Towering Inferno, and the Airport movies, like Airport 1975, etc and he was a Hooker in Tombstone. :whistling:

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