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  1. How about the steampunk keyboards from Warehouse 13?
  2. al gore is built a boojy great mansion in Malibu, and so is that u2 hippocrit with the blue glasses. Mansions that use more pwr in a week than my house does in a year.
  3. Wishing Bailey would fly over in her stockings to my house this Christmas Eve.
  4. I was very young when the divorce happened, and never really met him. Glad you've bonded.
  5. Start with the three time losers. Then go to the moochers. NO right of return. No white privilege. No white supremacy. One big happy meal all around!
  6. They're dems. No sympathy. No wailing or knashing of teeth. They built it, they own it.
  7. Mom did well by her self and God. Always had enough, and sometimes a little extra. I turned out well. I have a few nice things, but not chasing after " stuff".
  8. Memory just popped up and said Hodgdon says 5k psi. I could look it up, but I'm watching Chinatown and don't wanna.
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