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I really hate to step in on issues like this, as I really try to avoid the bureaucratic chickenshit that sites like this tend to get bogged down in, but meme posting is causing problems. Memes are harmless, although they are pretty useless to the site. They don’t help with our search engine placement and they seldom get people to engage in meaningful conversation. They are just more of the electronic noise we are exposed to every day.

Something inconsequential becomes a problem though when it is overdone and meme posting is getting there. They become like weeds encroaching on and blighting out useful content. Even so, there are plenty of people who do enjoy thumbing through some occasionally, for a chuckle (me included), and I don’t want to run them off. I just want them confined to an area set aside for them.

There are two meme threads currently running in The Bored Room, from now on, I would like (almost) all memes confined to one of those two threads, or to a thread you start. Once in a while, you might find a meme that segues with a topic being discussed. Feel free to post it. The watchword here though is moderation. Without moderation, moderation is then required.  :biggrin:

Running GT for so long took a toll on me and I didn’t like the person the crap I dealt with made me become. I don’t want to micromanage things here. I want people to exercise some judgment and common sense when they post.

If you are posting memes for memes’ sake though, post them in the meme threads. 

Thank you.

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1 hour ago, railfancwb said:

Maybe this is “meme ready”...

This reminds me of the billboards along the highway featuring people with their casino or horse track winnings. But for some reason the billboards never mention the far more frequent “gamers” who lost.




A good friend of mine who I consider one of the best day traders just got trapped. Not in cryptos but in the very choppy small cap stock market. First he gave back all his wins on the year, some 20k, then he was so pissed about it, that he came back just a couple days later, still being emotionally charged, and not only nuked his trading account worth 50k, he ran into a margin call and now owes his broker five figures. 120k gone within 1 week.

You can make big bucks for a long time, and the market can still take everything away within a few days. Its very hard for a successful trader to accept defeat and cut losses in time, because we have to be winners in the first place and never really learned when to throw the towel.

I was having a hard time myself since last Friday. Small cap market is very slow and unpredictable these days. I decided to take a break. Just a few years ago my ego would have kept me at the poker table.


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