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Thumb drives by various names


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1 hour ago, railfancwb said:

Seems anything which sounds too good to be true is - even if from Amazon!

Per the linked article a real 2tb thumb drive currently costs over $1,500. 

That article is dated 2017

You can guess which one is real.


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TB in a thumb drive is rather common these days and prices on tech are falling like a rock. The 3.0 is a bit of a dilemma. First you have to have it, then plug into the right port. It is many times faster than 2.0, but I don't find it as fast as it claims. Watch them, the seem to get pretty hot.

FWIW, my step dad gave me several Chines 1Tb thumb drives. All but one has failed pretty quickly. $30? I don't really think so at least for something that I have to depend on. $169? Way over priced for today's tech unless the thing is a true thoroughbred, and even then it is steep. Stick with SanDisck, PNY, or some of the well known names, preferably Japanese vintage if you can find it.

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