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I had a friend in college who used to ride in the car with her father. They had different tastes in music so he worked out a deal with her. She could pick a station and they'd listen to it until the singer said the word "baby". Then he could pick a station and they'd listen to it until the singer said "love". :supergrin:

I thought it might be fun to make a thread themed on songs with "baby" either in the title or in the theme. I'll start with an obvious one:


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15 minutes ago, Huaco Kid said:

Dad's favorite game in the car was "Shut up".

My old friend Hugh had two brothers. When the family would go on car trips their dad would connect a garden hose to a hole in the backseat floor of their station wagon for them to pee through. 

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When I was young,  we had a big green GMC van (this is the 70s), and I'd lie on the floor under the first passenger seat and my brother would lie on the seat.  I'd stick my hand out from under the seat and he'd press a finger to change the radio station - I was the radio, and I'd be singing a song, and he'd change the station and I'd have to start another song... then he'd go back to the first station and I'd pick up the song I'd been singing right where I left off... which amused my mother (because I was keeping track of the five songs each of my finger stations played, and where I was in each one, no matter how fast the stations got changed), and drove my dad nuts (probably because when he'd tell my brother to change a station, it was because he really didn't want to hear any of that song anymore!).

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