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Linux has made it to Mars


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22 minutes ago, Huaco Kid said:

Klaatu ran on linux.

His laser-eye came from a souvenir shop on a boardwalk.

But it was just a frequency carrier for a microsoft program that made tanks and jeeps disappear.

He works in an Amazon warehouse now.


Klaatu didn't have a lazer-eye.

You thinkin' bout Gort.

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This thread title draws me back to the days of yore and my callow youth.

I recall installing Xenix on an IBM-XT class computer around 1979 or 1980.  the entire operating system came on one 5.5 inch diskette, I think.

I also worked with  the real UNIX, but a license for that was just too expensive for the average user.

I remember installing Red Hat Linux around ten years later.  Again, the whole operating system came of a diskette from the back of a book on Linux and I have been using Red Hat and Fedora ever since.

Many embedded systems for electronic devices were Linux kernels.

Who remembers using TELNET  to talk to things?

Dang, I'm old.


NB we used a modified, proprietary version of UNIX in the F/A-18 avionics.

Don't tell anybody.

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21 minutes ago, tous said:

Who remembers using TELNET  to talk to things?

Dang, I'm old.

I remember all those things...and Telnet.

Hell, i used Putty today to ensure i was able to remove 48 drives from a storage array and move them across town install about half of them.

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Too bad that IRMA couldn't talk to a System 38.

They had a PC card for that, too.


NB  The IBM 3270 terminal weighed 256 kilograms and required nine billion watts of electricity and put out enough heat to warm a small town..

If I recall, the keyboard  had 16 PF keys.

No one ever knew what they all did.

But, it beat keypunched cards.




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