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  1. Hope everyone that is able to donate will support the site!
  2. 158 gr coated over unique with a winchester primer?
  3. Dremel tool with the polishing & compound is perfect for the final smoothing after using fine sandpaper. I like to deprime old / dirty brass on a single stage with a universal decaping die. The universal is tougher and the tips are replaceable if you try to push a stone through the flash hole. Don't ask
  4. I hear you! You might have to build a bunker to store all you need. It pains me to pay the going prices. Recently started 12g loading and was able to find Fiocci and Cheddite at $58 /box when you buy 5000. Historically, I could buy loaded 12g for only a little less than rolling my own but now it's just ridiculous. Those primer prices are stupid. Honestly there may be an investment scheme buying primers low and selling high. Primer Stock Market dot com!
  5. Indeed, Norton. Nickel plated brass looks great when loaded and does offer corrosion resistance but at the cost of significantly reduced reloading capacity (number of reloads).
  6. EdTracker


    I'm sure it will buff right out
  7. It grows on you like a virus. I usually have it on in the background while i am building and testing things and I believe it helps me be more in the moment than any other music. If you are feeling more adventurous the Psychedelic Meaningwave mix is fascinating and actually quite educational.
  8. Recently I have been listening to Akira the Don. He is a british artist/DJ/musician that mixes music overtop interesting podcasts, speeches, interviews etc and I have been really digging it. It is meditative in a way and really helps me focus on current projects. Recently he has worked with Scott Adams from his podcasts and finally got some traction from a Fox interview with Scott Adams about the new album. Akira has done work with Joe Rogan, Jaco Wellink, Jordan Perterson, David Goggins, Terrance McKenna and my brother from another century Marcus Aurelius to name a few. Akira describes his work as an experiment in hyperproductivity and he does have some work that I don't care for but there are some many home runs that you can't ignore the whole body of work. I have been REALLY enjoying this best of meaningwave playlist that was released this year. There is a good variety but if you have a couple of hours of time to put it on in the background I think many will really dig it. Enjoy
  9. Maybe not clean but Pimp my Interior
  10. These are really tasty with excellent with both supple and solid crunch. Technically not Jalapeno but good and spicy none the less.
  11. I grew up on vienna sausages and butter on saltine crackers. A treat as a kid as we didn't get them as often so it was a real treat. The cracker gave crunch to counter the mushy squish of the "sausage". The thought of eating them now makes me want to hurl.
  12. Was it Doss's garage? I liked watching people talk about fixing stuff 30 years before youtube!
  13. I think you need to add a Jalapeno Icon to add to avatars. Think of it as stickers for the back cab window of your virtual truck. Since I cut back on carbs I do Jalapeno pork rinds. Yum!
  14. I just stopped shooting metallic for the next year and a half. Sad. I didn't have my primers organized as well as I thought. Had lots of LPP and a little over 1k SPP. I still have a line on shotshells so I am staying up on my scattergun skills.
  15. Be glad it didn't hit your house! A little fence damage is a minor miracle. Sounds like your daughter doesn't live in terror of doing things. She will go far in life! Congratulations on a job well done.
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