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It is freaking hot!!!

Al Czervik

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4 minutes ago, gwalchmai said:

Maybe it's the humidity...

I wear white painter's pants (they don't stay white very long) and a very loose poly shirt.

And a white du-rag under the hardhat.  I appropriate cultures to keep the sun off my neck.

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1 hour ago, Huaco Kid said:

Where is here?

I'm in mid-Georgia all next week.  Oppressive, but forecast to only be a tad above normal.

But being within arm's reach of a 600° conveyance for many hours,  gives it a bit of a challenge.


Carolina coast. 

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Mid 90s which I can handle, being from Southern California.  I didn't have air conditioning until I moved out of the family home when I was 20.


...50-60% plus humidity which I cannot handle.  I'm not an Easterner and humidity has neverrrr been my jam.

Out by the pool, I'm just about done after 30 minutes.  Fortunately the way to solve that is get into the pool!

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