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The original crab just lived to tear myeverlovinmother throat out.  He died  while ago.  And no one bothers my Issac Asimov now.

He was, like, ten years old.  I googled crabs,  so he might have been ten years old before I got him.  Reading all my sci-fi.


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The new crabs are  a different (species?) (genre?), I don't know. There not the same.

They are way more dangerous. 

Like, their shell-skin is different.  And they never come out.

Except on the full moon.  Where they beep at night. 

It's not like ET.

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Their claws go clickety-clack,  but by the the time you hear that,  most your face is already gone.

Don't touch your face, bbecause ypo'll get covid.


I should rent them out in NJ.

And then, THEY have to let the cat out!


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