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Need some help

SC Tiger

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Ask them to go outdoors.

Scan the sky for flying objects.

If flying objects are pigs, yes.

If flying objects are not pigs, no.


Go to Hell, Michigan.

Check weather.

If Hell is freezing over, then yes.,

If not, then no.


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2 hours ago, SC Tiger said:

I just got a text from the SC Democratic Party wanting to know if I would support their candidate for Governor.  I'd say No but that just doesn't seem to be good enough.  I need some witty responses please.

Say yes, just to mess them up.  That’s what I do if someone does an exit poll, or phone poll.  

And you might get a check!  


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1 minute ago, crockett said:

A simple "**** you" will do.

you beat me to it .  


alot of those idiot at our state fair  walking thru the buildings part ,  booths 5 to 1  demrats.  i also gotta looks for guy giving me a rebel flag i stuck on my hat.  

the people working the conservative booth  were not impeding people , the frigging dem booths they were stopping people , try to force them to take a sticker and a pen ,  one bumped our stroller  with our grand kid in it , and i politely told him to move back . 

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