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Stupid Things I Saw Today


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I just drove past a guy on a motorcycle on the freeway. He was wearing shorts & t-shirt and no helmet, but he was wearing his covid face mask. I wonder how much that cheap piece of fabric is going to protect him if he face-plants on the asphalt?

So, what do you have?

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stupid thing I saw today was underneath my uncle's house.

He asked me to come over and troubleshoot his electrical outlets not working right.

first issue was one outlet with a bad connection.  replaced outlet, the rest in the circuit now work.

Second issue was one room having no electricity working.  

4th issue is a breaker for another part of that wing of the house tripping.


finally ended up crawling under the house.

At one end there was a box and conduit, but all the connections were out dangling in the open under the porch exposed to the weather, and all the wire nuts facing down so they could catch water in them.  Couldn't undo any of them because corrosion.

The other end they came out of the conduit, then once again dangled in the air.  Under the house itself, so better protected from the weather.

Issue was electrician nicked the wire insulation when he removed the outer layer of the romex.  Or I assume that's the issue, because it looks like there was a small electrical fire where all of these wires are.

Then all of these connections are right next to some plumbing, so more corrosion.  Ground wire was corroded all the way through and not hooked up to return to the panel.


Lots of shortcuts taken.


I get to go fix it tomorrow.


On the plus side, my uncle tends to pay me in ammunition.  Today was 9mm

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I worked a trap tournament today. 240 competitors. Corporate thing. My job was as an RSO and keep the houses filled between squads. Mostly experienced shooters but a few newbie’s as well.

Saw some fun stuff.

One girl dropped a shell and basically kicked it around in a circle as she bent over trying to pick it up. Action closed. Finger on the trigger. Gun parallel to the ground. Just spinning in a circle trying to pick up the shell she kept kicking. Sweeping everybody.

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