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Australians believed that they had freedom and liberty right up until the moment that their government herded them into concentration camps, described as public safety quarantine,

Canadians thought that they had freedom and liberty right up until the moment that Canadian police smashed their truck windows and dragged them to prison or trampled them under the hooves of war horses.

How many in Europe believed that they had freedom and liberty until their government transformed from public servants in to  tyrannical masters and demanded that they comply with useless face masks and dangerous, ineffective vaccines and official government papers required to perform the simplest of life's activities.  You want food, show your papers! Submit!

In America, law enforcement and the military will not stop 2 million foreign invaders from walking across the southern border, the police will not stop Africans from looting businesses and burning down cities.  Do not look for the cops to stop crazed folk from shoving you onto subway tracks, whacking you over the head with a baseball bat, crapping on the sidewalk or in your yard, dosing themselves with their drug of choice in front of your local school  or grabbing your child off the street, then assaulting  and murdering them.

Law enforcement in America will not impede or limit criminals in any way.

However, law enforcement in America, like their Australian  and Canadian counterparts, will kick in your door, smash your windows, drag you out of your home, church or temple (not a mosque, of course,)  trample you beneath the hooves of horses, gas you, shoot you, imprison you when their masters decree that you are a danger to their rule,; demand your freedom, exercise your rights and you will be crushed.  Defy them, refuse to kneel before them and they will seize your money, deem you a terrorist and you will vanish into the gulag.  The police care about their paychecks and pensions, not our rights.

"Almighty God, I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death." 

Patrick Henry

Mr. Henry's entire speech can be read here:  https://www.ushistory.org/documents/libertydeath.htm

It is worth reading.

I thank God that I have lived when I did, before my country became a dictatorship and I was able to enjoy freedom and human dignity for most of my life.

I will not go meekly into the cattle car.


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