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Gun Rights Organizations


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No doubt this has been frequently cussed and discussed - probably in a more suitable forum. However…

In addition to the NRA, what groups are working to protect what remains of the Second Amendment - especially at the national level?

How effective is each considered to be as compared to NRA and the others?

Would our interests be better served if we transferred membership dollars from NRA to one of them? If so, which one?

Which one(s) would be next to join while also staying with NRA?

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They all kinda suck IMO. Sooner or later they just keep spamming you for more donations and not much gets done.

I think we need to be loud about issues and share factual content with those outside the echo chambers we frequent. Posting here on TBS will not change ANYTHING.

Its time to get things done and not put it off and hope that some random gun rights organization will fix things for us. Look where we are heading. Its not enough.


Share videos from Colion Noir with people from the middle and Dems. Send just a couple folks an email after talking to them on the phone or in person.

Invite new folks to the range and make them gun owners. Spark their passion for something new.

We need to have an effect on none GOP voters and make gun ownership popular.


This is just one good video that puts things into perspective for none gun owners...



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The Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America are two excellent alternatives to the NRA.  Both have achieved many important victories in the courts.  What exactly has the NRA done, besides ceding ground to the anti-gunners?  The NRA is being destroyed from within, and I blame LaPierre for all of it.  I'm a Endowment Life member of the NRA, who used to regularly donate the the NRA-ILA.  Those days are over (ended when the NRA did nothing to fight the "SAFE Act" in New York).  My money now goes to the SAF and GOA whom are both proven to be effective.

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