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This is a proper governor! DeSantis bans COVID passports


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6 hours ago, NPTim said:

Why not Noam?

Been watching her and DeSantis and they are both making some really good decisions. But she is doing it in a state that is overall friendly to her positions. DeSantis Kept Florida red, when it was predicted he couldn't, largely by stopping a lot of the cheating schemes. He's stood up to some really hard and organized pressure from the left, in a state that was less friendly to him and his policies, and that experience will give him greater respect and power at the federal level. In short I think he'll get more accomplished and faster.

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11 hours ago, Fog said:

At this point he is the only governor that has really impressed me. Noem is a close second, but I wouldn't vote for her for president.

Alaska isn't locked down. AND our Governor has declared our state a 2nd amendment sanctuary. Says he won't put up with bullshit laws that attack our 2A rights.

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