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Woman flees traffic stop, later comments on Facebook about attempted arrest, Titusville police say

The officer later saw a post on a local Facebook group regarding the incident with comments from the suspect, according to Titusville police.
www.clickorlando.com www.clickorlando.com

" The officer attempted to follow but ended the pursuit for the safety of the child in the vehicle.

The officer said he learned Woodson had an active felony warrant from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and violation of felony probation.

About two hours later, the officer saw a post on the Titusville Crime News Facebook group which posts scanner chatter and other crime-related posts. A post contained details regarding the traffic stop which were public knowledge as they were repeated over the scanner.

“Female just fled from officers after a traffic stop on country club Blvd, possibly NB, with drugs and a small child in a Black Hyundai Sonata,” the post read.

Under that post, a user by the name of “Selina Mae” had replied saying “the pig never even searched the car,” in reference to the possibility of drugs being in the vehicle, according to the warrant. "

Can you guess what happened next ?



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Good thing it wasn't the ATF that was after her. They have a penchant for shooting people's dogs.


Never a good idea to taunt the popo on social media. I mean, you can joke and kid around with them (Tavares PD has a great fb page), but it's probably wise to not give them any additional evidence, ya know?

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