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Newsmax anchor forced to apologize to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell after disastrous appearance


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'Mike is a friend of this network'

"Newsmax anchor Bob Sellers issued an apology after he stormed off his own show during a conversation with pro-Trump businessman and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

On Tuesday night, Lindell appeared on Newsmax where he spoke with Sellers about potential voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election. The end result featured the two in a shouting match over what Lindell said was "100% proof" of voter fraud. A clip of the exchange eventually showed a clearly angry Sellers leaving his chair — but not before Sellers insisted that there is no concrete evidence to back up Lindell's claims."

https://www.theblaze.com/news/newsmax-anchor-apologizes-to-mypillow-mike-lindell?utm_source=theblaze-dailyPM&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily-Newsletter__PM 2021-02-04&utm_term=ACTIVE LIST - TheBlaze Daily PM

A copy of letter sent out to upset customers.

Thank you for your feedback

Newsmax has strongly supported Pres. Trump’s recount efforts,

and has reported significantly on vote fraud and voting irregularities

that occurred during the 2020 election.


During a recent appearance on Newsmax, Mike Lindell was

not given a fair and adequate time to comment. Part of this

was due to the confusion as to the topic for this particular

segment. Newsmax’s host later apologized for not handling

Mr. Lindell properly and that we did not allow for a fair and open

conversation, consistent with Newsmax’s approach to this

subject matter.


Mr. Lindell appeared again on Newsmax TV and made clear

he remains a firm supporter of Newsmax. Newsmax continues

to encourage our viewers and readers to support Mr. Lindell

and MyPillow during this period he is being targeted by

the cancel culture.


Please see our articles:


Mike Lindell Says Newsmax 'Is Great,' MyPillow Soars Despite Boycotts



Mike Lindell Targeted, Help Him Today!



Thank you again for your comments.


Newsmax TV and Newsmax.com




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If you invite a guest onto your show, you better let him say what he came to say, or cut away to something else.

But when you leave him on the screen with his mic cut off, you look like a propaganda ministry.

You don't shout him down or speak over him with the bigger microphone. Cut away if you can't take it.

 This guy was worse than Sean Hannity.  And My Pillow really is a significantly superior product.  :countingsheep:

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