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  1. The fear campaign is working. People here are wearing masks in the stores again. Maybe 50% now. It was nearly zero last week.
  2. People don't want the vaccine, so the fear campaign must resume!
  3. Ok, BGH. I'll resist the uncontrollable urge since you asked nicely. But you owe me one!
  4. I understand that it was meant as a joke. But if I made a joke song about turning gay kids straight they would ruin my life.
  5. No regerts. Extra credit for spelling typo wrong!
  6. Oops. I meant that your screwed and the world will end. Silly me!
  7. You'll be fine. At startup, the oil is a little thicker than suggested, but no big deal. At operating temp, it's still a 20 weight, exactly what you need. Don't sweat it!
  8. I posted that on fb a decade ago. A childhood friend replied telling me off in a manner not suitable for repeating. Haven't heard from him since. No big loss, but absolutely hilarious ?! Maybe I'll repost it and see if it flushes him out.
  9. Smith & Wesson models 78G .22 that was my grandfather's, and my umarex 1911, and a daisy 5501
  10. Btw, third place ain't first place. If you look at the WINNER, she's got her hand over her heart and is holding the US flag. She didn't just win, she set a new national record. Why are we paying attention to the racist in third? https://www.google.com/amp/s/onherturf.nbcsports.com/2021/06/26/video-deanna-price-breaks-multiple-records-in-hammer-throw-final/amp/
  11. I shoot my airgun in my garage. I stuffed a cardboard box full of old towels and put it in front a wooden crate. I tape targets on the cardboard and have at it. Not only do my neighbors not care, but they come over and we sip bourbon and shoot in my garage quite often. Don't forget your eye protection!
  12. In the 90's, when I'd go shooting I had a huge igloo cooler. I'd fill it up with ammo and wheel it out to the range. There was no way I could pick it up. Then I'd fill a backpack with guns til I could hardly put it on and walk. I sure miss those sessions. Now, I might shoot a couple hundred rounds in a trip.
  13. I'm not sure how I feel about the verdict. I see how hard being a cop is. I don't give two shits about George Floyd. But this kinda was a spark that f'd up our whole country. The whole thing sucks.
  14. If Biden was a website, it would be that other site.
  15. I shoot about once every other month. I shoot my air pistol almost daily.
  16. He fucked around and found out. I'm surprised the guy and his girlfriend didn't get shot.
  17. Im not a huge fan of the cheap handles, but I love my dragonfly 2 in zdp189. I've bought about half a dozen of them and gave them to all the guys in my family a few years ago. This is my second one, lost the first.
  18. The thing that kills me is the two rows of coke. If you must have two rows (and two rows is no bueno) they need to bookend the rest of the bottles or be in the center.
  19. This is an odd numbered year, and that means ironbutt rally. You can follow all the action thru this link. 2021 Iron Butt Rally https://ironbutt.com/ibr2021/index.html Best of luck to all the participants!
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