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Louisiana man charged with shooting and killing toddler during violent rampage


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4 minutes ago, blueiron said:

Why is Myles still alive? He is the prototypical "rabid animal" assailant who needs to be killed for the sake of society.  

He would have died in a tragic accident 60 years ago.

But that doesn't happen anymore in law enforcement.  (cough)

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Well, what can I say?  Sometimes toddlers do get out of hand. ;)

Seriously though, stories like that easily enforce my view that public Saudi style justice should be brought here to the US.  A single swipe to the back of the neck by a swordsman with a scimitar is way cheaper for tax payers than keeping them alive on death row or life in prison.  Plus, public executions do detour future crimes from being committed.   That's the problem with the American justice system is there's no deterrent to committing crime.   Hell, many criminals serving a life sentence are living better and have better benefits inside than on the outside. 

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