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Biden: If Trump Is Reelected, Violence Won’t Stop


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He is actually threatening American voters, that if they don't vote for him his supporters will enact violence on the rest of us.

Americans have just about had enough of the violence and if the government won't stop it, WE WILL!

We aren't desperate, but we will be decisive!

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if there are Riots after President Trump wins (if we even know) on Election Night.

i am Betting by Morning the National Guard is called out no matter who Wants it or Doesn't and this **** is Squashed Right away and Bloody if Necessary.


this has gone on way too long and if it becomes and Obstacle to the Transition of Power or a Reaction to a Lawful Election it has to be Crushed in a way it never happens again.

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Anonymous sources have confirmed that the DNC has engaged the services of Lip Service, LLC.

Asked for comment, a DNC spokesperson stated, "[W]e are not doing it correctly, the American people ain't buying it. We need to follow the science."

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