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  1. Ted Bundy would have gone instantly bonkers over her and her charming disposition.
  2. I can predict decades of eternal bliss for him.
  3. I have no idea WTF that means. Perhaps it should be amended as follows: Hispanic or Latino or Latinx. You know....for clarity... As to the gender question, I believe that they should include all 1,234 genders. You know...for clarity....
  4. Prevention is worth a pound of cure, Batesmotel. Fwiw, I find it difficult to predict what BATFE will do in a particular situation. https://www.nrablog.com/articles/2016/7/buying-and-selling-firearms-part-6-straw-purchases/ Simplest way would be to gift her the money, and then she can do whatever she wants to do with it. Like buying a firearm and filling out the form. Make sure she pays the fees, also. Receipts explain a lot of stuff. Technically, my opinion is that as initially proposed by you, it would not be a straw purchase. But it is Brandon's BATFE we are talking about.
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    I don't inhale...
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    And here's the report just received regarding chest x-ray 2V: Male, 69 years old. .; TABACCO USE, HYPERTENSION COMPARISON: None. FINDINGS: The heart and lungs and vasculature are within normal limits. Trachea appears midline. No consolidation effusion or pneumothorax. Osseous structures are unremarkable. IMPRESSION: 1. No acute disease. Not bad for 50 years of buying cigarettes. Previously stole them from my grandma (RIP- Bless her soul). And from friends. I think I have about five or six months left. Give or take a couple...
  7. Ricordo


    Tell me. Here's a partial of an internals CT scan (with contrast) performed 2.4 years earlier: "Vascular: No abdominal aortic aneurysm or flow-limiting abdominal aortic stenosis. No retroperitoneal hemorrhage. Unremarkable inferior vena cava." And that's before I modified my diet. And with 50 years of buying cigarettes. Let me put it this way. Based on my med/mal cases experience, if the staff is careless, unprofessional, and not up to par, get the hell out of there. The Dr. ain't better.
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    She reminds me so much of a former girlfriend. Same gorgeous facial features. But my former girlfriend wore John Lennon-type glasses.
  9. Ricordo


    Watch it. Be mindful. Case in point, last week I went to a cardiologist. For an EKG, the attendant (? NP/PA) put the leads in the wrong arm. Left on right arm, right on left arm. This is the same attendant that stated that if I smoked, I should give up smoking and take up drinking. Very professional... The cardiologist caught her mistake, ordered another EKG and prescribed diagnostic tests. Nuclear stress with contrast, echo and coronary calcium scan. The former at his offices. I cancelled everything. On to a new cardiologist. The med/mal cases I've handled were screaming at me like I've never heard them before.
  10. If war breaks out I plan on identifying as a koala. No one strafes or bombs a koala.
  11. Milk Duds are a much better energy source. According to ancient astronaut theorists, it's what Aliens use.
  12. Do they have to be replenished with water every now and then and, in a pinch, would Gatorade do? Mountain Dew?
  13. I'm ready to see a wake service where the body/cadaver is wearing a mask.
  14. But...but...but....it's inhuman to send them to coastal towns and cities! They might drown......you know......because......rising seas and climate change.
  15. To: All terrorists From: Fellow terrorist Re: How much of a terrorist are we? https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-language-totalitarianism
  16. In other breaking news, anonymous sources confirm that Harry and Meghan will announce that their son Archie, aged 3, has decided that he is transgender. "Harry wanted to tell the Queen but she died before he could. I thought that it would raise her spirits", Meghan confessed to the anonymous source. A formal announcement is scheduled by the Succesexs during the Queen's burial in deference to Meghans' podcast.
  17. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11196585/Touching-cartoon-tributes-depict-Queen-reuniting-Prince-Philip-Paddington-Bear.html
  18. This is what's astounding. They are asking for ideas only from the same people that set up the policies that created the problem in the first place. The irony is lost on Dem... They've completely lost it. Quantum disentanglement. "Is the moon there when nobody looks?"
  19. I have to say something about Queen Elizabeth. She is/was gracious. If you have lived in England, you know that she is/was revered. In a good, loving sense. If you haven't lived in England, let me put it this way. A friend of mine had the great idea of shouting at a bullfight that the bull "looked like Franco". It didn't take long for the Guardia Civil to take him into custody. Perhaps he should have gone for the gusto and also in a pub in England shouted that the Queen looked like a chihuahua.
  20. Btw, last night I had a nightmare. I nightmared(?) that the slogan "Make America Great Again" had been changed to "America First!". Then I saw a repeat performance of Pedo Joe chastising "[t]hose America First! supporters". It was on pay-per-view. I spent a small fortune in my sleep watching that over and over again. A true nightmare if I ever had one. And Tucker Carlson was nowhere in sight.
  21. It seems like their creative juices have dried up. You know...because they were previously overflowing... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11192227/Soft-touch-San-Francisco-leaders-call-IDEAS-end-open-air-drug-markets.html 'Soft-touch' San Francisco leaders now call for 'IDEAS' to be given to them within 90 days to end open-air drug markets 'without anyone going to jail' Now let's see the requirements: 1) Ideas; 2) 90 days; 3) end; 4) Without. Given the parameters, I can think,. no---believe, that I can propose a couple of ideas. You know...common sense and virtuous. But I'd probably be then classified as a run-of-the-mill terrorist. So please, give generously. All proposals considered---unless sourced from MAGA supporters, homophobes, racists, transphobic, furniture-tossing, Islamophobic, xenophobic, carpet-wetting, anti-Black, mysoginistic, Jew-hating, leave-toilet-seat-up, democracy-destroying individuals.
  22. In another installment of "Days of our Craps"... Psychic medium insists 'spiritually connecting' with alcohol before drinking it prevents her from being sick the next day because she 'clears out unwanted energy’--- https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-11189979/Psychic-medium-claims-secret-avoiding-hangover-spiritually-GROUND-alcohol.html First, she places a 'protective shield or rose' around her aura She then 'grounds' her drink to clear out any unwanted negative energy Spiritual grounding, or earthing, is an attempt to bring mental and physical balance by connecting with the Earth Finally, she sets an intention for drinking and sends it 'into the drink while stirring three times to the left' Merrilyne advises repeating the second and third steps before every drink, saying it will help you wake up hangover-free after a night of drinking You know....because... spirits...and energy....
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