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Happy Garden Day


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I got a little tired of chicken and rabbit so I made a stir fry last night.  The garlic, broccoli, purple beans (they cook up green), purple potatoes (they stay purple), carrots, green peppers, and peas all came out of my garden in the 30 minutes before I started cooking.  The onion was store bought, only because I had it and it needed to be used (it was sprouting, so I didn't take one from the garden).  The ginger was store bought because my ginger crop failed last fall, but I think I have fixed the problem so I'll have some later this year.  The chicken stock was from my chickens.  The soy sauce was from the store (learning how to make this is on my list, but not til next year).  And the honey was from my bees.  

It was pretty damn good, and I have a ridiculous amount of peas left to shell, and beans left to blanch, chop and freeze. (they don't need stringing, which is nice).  And another tire and a half full of carrots to eat, and a tire full of second year carrots gone to seed to save seed from for next year.  I hope the seed saving goes better than last year... although I know putting 3 different kind of maters next to each other will mean cross-pollination issues, and so there's not much point in saving those except as an experiment for the kids.  I had more seed-fails-to-germinate from saved seed than I ever have before, possibly due to major temp/humidity in storage issues.  But at least I'll be more prepared if the dipshit governor tells us we can't buy seeds in spring again, like she did this year.  you can't have my garden stir-fry, Gretch!



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53 minutes ago, DWARREN123 said:

I would want rice and meat with it but it looks good. Try keeping your seeds in the frig until use. My wife does the seeds in the frig and they seem to last and grow well.

The kids wanted rice with theirs, too, so they got rice.  MrC and I had it without.

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