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Women’s March leader claims she was kicked out of progressive group for being Jewish


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Gotta love those all inclusive progressives.

"Vanessa Wruble, a Brooklyn-based activist, said she was kicked out of the progressive group in part for being Jewish, after Tamika Mallory, a black gun control activist, and Carmen Perez, a Latina criminal justice reform activist, told her that Jewish people needed to confront their own role in racism, The New York Times reported."



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This was in the Women’s march cancelled thread, and I posted the following:

Jewish people need to confront their own role in racism.”  

Maybe they should march carrying ARs and wearing gas masks so as to best confront their own role in racism - that of being victims for far too many centuries.  Maybe a few signs like “Never Again” and “Jews first, You next in the Gas Chambers!”  

Would that be a start in confronting their role in racism!  

I am no longer surprised by the growing stupidity.  Disgust still hits me at times.  

That was in that thread.  

Now I should add that Carmen Perez, a Latina, needs to confront the racism that Latinas have pushed against the Islamic population of North Africa, as well as the anti-semitism of the Inquisition, and the enslavement of Europeans and indigenous populations in both North and South America.  And the Caribbean Islands.  

And Ms. Mallory has a real problem with the anti-semitism of herself and many black leaders, the BLM and others in the community.  And maybe the whole African guilt in the capturing of other blacks and selling them to slave traders.  

Seems like a case of the pot calling the kettle black.  

Oh, wait!  They’re both white enough to advertise Ivory Snow.  

Disgust strikes again.  


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The finer they single out the "good women" from the "bad women", the less women they have, until it's just you and me, and then, you will have to get out.  ??


Obviously, this has nothing to do with women...…………..


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